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Any weight loss program that decreases the amount of calories you eat each day will help you lose weight. Each time that we lose weight, we not only lose fat, but also lean tissue (such as muscle). Unfortunately, when we regain the weight, it is mostly fat. The problem is that many popular diets do not contain adequate amount of nutrients in their diet plans to keep you from losing your lean muscle mass, and they do not have the appropriate equipment to monitor all of the weight components.

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For Example: A person may have lost 3 pounds in a week. Initially you would be very happy about that weight loss, but after we do a body composition analysis, we discover that the individual actually lost 3 pounds of muscle and no fat. Not good. Other programs have no way of monitoring this, but WE DO! Muscle loss is not only dangerous, but it also slows your metabolism and your weight loss, since muscle burns 70% more calories than fat does.

At the Envision Weight Loss Center, we are interested in helping you lose FAT!

Our medical weight loss team will ensure that each week you lose fat, while retaining your lean muscle mass. Research shows this is the beneficial way that you can successfully achieve permanent weight loss.

How It Works

Envision Weight Loss centers your weight loss success around four phases. Our medical team will guide you through each of the four main phases during your weight loss journey with us.

Phase 1:


This phase consists of your initial consultation and your bariatric physical. The bariatric physical includes a comprehensive history with various medical tests including, but not limited to, baseline blood work and an EKG to ensure your safety within the medical weight loss program.

Phase 2:


This phase consists of weekly visits with the health coach, monthly visits with Dr. Krasner, a body composition analysis at each visit, laboratory testing, and EKG if warranted. This phase has 3 program plans (learn why) based on your medical health conditions (see plans below).

Phase 3:


During this phase you will be reducing the use of meal replacement products while adding regular foods into your daily diet. Now that you have reached your goal weight, this phase is your stepping stone to maintenance. As you continue to gain the skills and confidence needed to maintain your weight loss, nutrition education will be the main focus of the weekly sessions. (approximately 4 weeks)

Phase 4:


Congratulations on reaching your goal! This phase helps you maintain the success that you have achieved. At Envision Weight Loss, we offer a lifetime connection to our medical team, quarterly checkups to ensure weight maintenance, and access to all snack products.

*Remember – a combination of regular activity and exercise, a sensible eating pattern, and ongoing support from our medical team can help you maintain your weight loss.

Plan 1

A very low-calorie diet (VLCD) that produces rapid weight loss.

Learn More

Plan 2

A low-calorie diet (LCD) that allows for 1 regular meal per day.

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Plan 3

An effective plan option for people to lose weight at a slower but continuous pace.

Learn More

Your First Visit

You will begin your journey to healthy living with an extensive history and physical examination with Dr. Krasner. During this visit we will gather baseline laboratory and diagnostic tests. You will receive a complete analysis of your body composition. The information gathered from the analysis will be used to make sure you are getting the safest and most satisfying results from your weight loss. An option of body measurements and monthly photos to help motive and encourage you as you lose weight is available.

After your first visit you will then be weighed-in weekly by an experienced and knowledgeable health coach and seen monthly by Dr. Krasner, who is a Board Certified physician in Obesity Medicine.

Our medical team is dedicated to your success
Our program is supervised by a Board Certified physician in Obesity Medicine and our staff has received specialized training in the treatment and monitoring of patients requiring a medical weight loss program. Meet our medical team.
How much does the program cost?
This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Get the answer to this and many other questions here.
What is your approach to weight loss?
The goal of our program is to help patients lose weight, reduce their health risks from being obese and overweight, and most importantly help them create a lifestyle that allows them to keep the weight off once they lose it. The main priority at Envision Weight Loss is to ensure your safety during the weight loss process. Learn more.

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